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It seems that msig is not supported on Anchor Mobile

When creating msig with anchor mobile, there is an error, and when requesting approval from the created msig, the following message appears in the overview and it is not approved.

Unable to load action data
Invalid ABI or action data for eosio.msig::approve

could you check my problems?

  • My Anchor Mobile downloaded by appstore(2021/5/3 download)
    Ver. 1.1.5

add error message pic

EOSIO Signing Request Error 4^^
app store version - 1.1.5
testflight version - 1.2.0(57)
it was normal before last update ,these error issue was after last update

In addition, after qr login on desktop, msig proposal creation works well, but when creating in mobile anchor, resource shortage error appears.

Thanks for the heads up, we’ll do some testing and figure out what’s going on.