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Issue logging in to anchor wallet on defibox using chrome browser

I have used anchor wallet on chrome browser for a long time without issue. But now when I try to click the anchor wallet tab on defibox nothing happens. It’s like the defibox page doesn’t recognise my wallet. I’ve reloaded wallet and page and still nothing. Then I tried the Safari browser instead and was able to log in to defibox with no issue.
I’m thinking the problem maybe a chrome settings issue but really not sure.
Does anyone have any idea what might be the issue with logging into defibox?

P.S My wallet is latest release and I also have no problem logging into other sites on chrome with anchor wallet.

Maybe it’s a browser plugin that’s preventing the requests? We’ve seen some adblockers and other privacy related extensions interfere with how the two apps talk to each other. Try disabling those on defibox and see if it potentially starts working.

hello, I recently uploaded the anchor wallet to my android mobile phone! But for some reason I can’t use it to the fullest! when authorizing on different decentralized sites, I cannot change the login status from Owner to active in the application! when I log in, I see that I am trying to log in as an owner and initially I know that the system will refuse to log in because it is unsafe! But in the wallet function there is no such option that would warn a new user about this danger and would offer the opportunity to eliminate an unsafe entry to a particular site through the owner key! I tried to configure this feature on a desktop wallet, but I don’t know to what extent these features are synced with a mobile wallet! what can you advise me in this case ?! I tried to log into the EDEN OS site today and ran into the same problem on the desktop version of the wallet!

It sounds like you may be using the same private key for both your owner and active permissions. If that is the case and if you only want to use the active permission on anchor android then delete your account and reimport it. Select the account that ends with “@active” when importing your private key. After that you will be able to login using your active permission.

The above is also true for the desktop version.

If you don’t want to use your owner permission, I’d recommend not importing it in the first place.