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Issue #2: August 2019

Issue #2: August 2019

EOSIO Ecosystem Updates

BOS Upgrades to 3-Second LIB

BOS, an EOSIO-powered blockchain, recently completed a mainnet upgrade that achieves finality (called “last irreversible block” or “LIB” on EOSIO) in three seconds . That’s pretty impressive, and we’re excited to hopefully see these improvements make their way to the EOS mainnet very soon.

EOSfinex Goes Live

EOSfinex, the EOSIO-based exchange from the Bitfinex team, is now live.

Unfortunately, users from the US and a number of other jurisdictions are geo-blocked, as you can see below.

It’s a bummer for a few reasons. First, it’s indicative of a US regulatory environment that offers little clarity to businesses trying to operate in new and bleeding-edge industries. Instead of taking the risk of operating without clear guidelines, many businesses in the space are simply choosing to ignore the US market entirely, leaving US citizens completely unable to participate.

Secondly, it shows that eosfinex, while a very cool concept, is not really a DEX . Rather, it’s a non-custodial exchange where every action takes place on-chain. Right now, Bitfinex is operating a single BP that is processing all of the transactions. In other words, it’s still very much in an early, beta phase.

We’re looking forward to see where eosfinex goes. Hopefully Bitfinex will soon be able to open up block production to multiple parties and allow EOX holders to vote on those BPs. Combined with advances like BOS’s 3-second LIB, eosfinex may be able to decentralize block production while still maintaining the speed to finality needed for an exchange. And maybe, just maybe, US users will be able to participate.

If you want to see some live eosfinex data, Bloks.io has also added an EOSfinex block explorer.

Matcherino Raises Money to Build on EOSIO

Matcherino, an e-sports infrastructure provider, has raised money from Galaxy Digital and other investors to explore ways to integrate blockchain-based payments into their stack using EOSIO. The Block covered the investment here.

Freedom Proxy to Close Down

Freedom Proxy, one of the oldest and most active EOS proxies, is closing down. Freedom Proxy was run by Ashe Oro and Zane Whitener, who continue to work on a few projects in the space, including TokenYield.io. You can learn more about their decision to close down Freedom Proxy in their latest episode of EOS Radio here.

We’re bummed to hear that Freedom Proxy is shuttering, as it was one of our favorite proxies and always maintained active involvement in the community. Thanks to Ashe and Zane for all of the work they put in!

Greymass Updates

The EOS Podcast

Myles and Aaron from our team made an appearance on The EOS Podcast, hosted by Brandon Parker. You can check out the episode below, or on your favorite podcast player.

eos-voter Update

We released a minor update to the eos-voter wallet that fixed some issues related to REX balances not displaying properly. If you’re a REX user through our wallet, you can download that updated version here.

INSTAR Blockchain Goes Live

The Insights Network blockchain (a new EOSIO-based chain) has gone live, and we’ve launched a BP on the network. You can learn more about INSTAR/Insights Network here.

You can also use our eos-voter wallet to interact with the Insights Network. If you have any questions, feel free to ping us on Telegram!

Cool Stuff

EOS Events by EOS Authority

  • EOS Authority just put up a new page on their website that provides a list of all upcoming EOS-related events, sorted by date. They’ve done an awesome job of cataloguing every ecosystem event (there’s even a few we didn’t know about!). We’re looking forward to seeing people from the community at a few of these this year!

dfuse Data Integrity Bounty Program

  • dfuse has launched a new data integrity bounty program for their API product. Any user who finds a discrepancy between the data served by the dfuse API and any other source of EOS history (for example, Greymass’s native history APIs) can claim a bounty rewards. According to the dfuse team, it’s the first bounty program ever for data integrity queried from a web service. It’s also a strong testament to the team’s confidence in the integrity of their product. You can learn more here.

The Bancor Protocol - The Tip of the Iceberg by Equilibrium Labs

  • The core team behind EOS-based stablecoin Equilibrium takes a deep look at the Bancor protocol. This is especially relevant as they continue to research possible implementations of Dan Larimer’s PEX stablecoin proposal.


  • TokenYield is a site from Ashe Oro and Zane Whitener (of EOS Radio) that allows users to track and manage passive return opportunities available on EOS. Users can log in with Scatter to easily track and claim their rewards, and they recently built in a Bancor integration to allow users to easily exchange tokens.