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Issue #10: Summer 2020

Issue #10: Summer 2020

Hello, everyone!

We recently decided to change up the format a bit for our newsletter. Moving forward, we’re going to aim for a quarterly issue that covers the entire EOSIO ecosystem. We’ll continue to publish a monthly update that specifically covers what we’ve been working on at Greymass. And we might publish some one-off updates for big announcements around things like product releases. If you have any suggestions for how we can improve this newsletter, please feel free to reach out!

We also recently launched the Greymass Forums, and we’d love to have you join the discussion there. We found ourselves running into the limitations of Telegram for certain kinds of discussions, and we felt that a forum would be a better format. We’ll be there discussing not just Greymass, but all sorts of things from around the EOSIO ecosystem. It will also serve as a living, regularly updated homepage for some of our projects. Check it out!

Now, onto the ecosystem updates!

EOSIO Ecosystem Updates

B1 is Voting on Mainnet

B1 is officially voting on the EOS mainnet! You can follow their voting patterns here.

Voice Launches Open Read Globally

Voice, the B1-backed social media platform, announced that any web user will now be able to consume content on Voice. This is an expected move— it was always surprising that Voice initially limited content consumption to those who had accounts.

Also, starting on August 15th, Voice early users will be able to extend invites for other users to join. Voice continues to operate in the very early stages, but it will be interesting to see what kind of growth tactics they pursue, especially given their major cash injection from B1.

B1 Tests New Resource Model

In December of 2019, B1 proposed an alternative to the current resource allocation model on EOSIO. Recently, they asked maintainers of public testnets for help conducting due diligence on the model. It will be interesting to see how this new model is received and whether or not it ends up being adopted!

Greymass Updates

Updated Greymass Roadmap

As you’ll start to tell, we’re using our forum more and more to act as a sort of living, consistently updated set of documents for all things Greymass. One such example is our roadmap, where you can get a high-level view of what we’re working on.

Anchor 1.0.5

If you’re not yet using Anchor for desktop, now is the time to try it out. You can download the latest version here.

Anchor for Mobile

In case you missed it, we’ve released the iOS beta version of Anchor for mobile. You can read all about it on our blog and download it here.

Anchor Wallet Security Challenge

We recently announced a fun security challenge on Twitter. Check out the thread below.

Greymass @greymass
This is a functional Owner Key Certificate for a real account on the #EOS network. We loaded 1000 of our own EOS onto this account - but omitted out the 6-word encryption secret to help illustrate their security. The tokens are yours, if you can take them :face_with_monocle:
July 31st 2020
43 Retweets139 Likes

Got thoughts or ideas? Join the discussion on our forum.

Anchor Adoption

We’re thrilled to see more and more applications throughout the EOSIO ecosystem adopt support for Anchor. We’ve begun maintaining a list of all of these on our forum, which we’ll continually update as more projects add support.

Coffee with Greymass

We’ve had four new podcasts since the last edition of the newsletter, which you can check out below. If you have a suggestion for a guest you’d like to have us host, feel free to send us an email or to add a suggestion to this list!

Equilibrium, EOSDT, and DeFi on EOS with Alex Melikhov

WAX and More with Robrigo of EOS Detroit

FIO, Hive, and more with Luke Stokes

Prediction Markets and DeFi on EOS with the PredIQt Team

Aaron was also a guest on the Boidcast, which you can listen to here.