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Is there any way to release some RAM?

and not spending more $?

There may be, but it depends on exactly what it’s going used for. Each token, bit of contract data, vote, and everything else that has exists on the blockchain uses up RAM until that data is removed.

There unfortunately is not really an easy way to look at this data from what I can see. There used to be on block explorers sections where you could see what was using your RAM, but I can’t seem to find one that’s working at the moment :thinking:

I found it. https://wax.eosauthority.com/ put your wax address in and theres a section by your RAM Usage that you can click to “show DAPPS using RAM”

All thanks to @aaron I wouldnt have found it without him. It wont show anything if the RAM was used minting assets tho. As I understand it, the creator can get the RAM back by burning the NFTs they created but I havent tested it. You cant gain it back if someone else burns them.