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Is it possible to disable signing transaction in the wallet each time i do a transaction?


I am wondering if it is possible to disable transaction signing for everytime i do a transaction? I have to sign off every little thing i do, so annoying.

Not currently, we don’t have the systems in place yet to automatically approve actions. It’s something we are actively working towards but isn’t available yet.

Automatically using your key to sign transactions is something we need to make sure is done right, or could lead to a huge amount of security risks.


Thank you very much for answering! Hope you add it in the future, big fan of the anchor wallet!

security is first for ever

the feature daily payment limit , maybe we can added to fix current issue.

below limit –automatically,
above limit–trans signing.
maybe this feature can be added owner permission, make active permission acount enable. make daily secret–free payment is possible for active account.

We really want to use the native EOSIO permissions system to some degree for automatic signing. The key doing the automatic signing shouldn’t be your active key and definitely shouldn’t be your owner key. It should be some sort of application/purpose specific key or even just a “safe mode” key that can’t do things like selling REX or unstaking tokens.

We can’t currently do things like daily payment limits with the permission system, at least not without some sort of centralized service. We’d rather avoid the centralized angle and push for a better on-chain system that could allow for things like this.


is this currently available? i heard that from someone but i dont know how to do this

i mean can i disable signing transaction right now? because i have heard about that but cant find info how to do that

Hey Greymass Team
I love anchor as I started to use it on the waxchain for atomichub drops to buy, for games and so on. It was faster than WCW in the past.
But nowadays as the waxcommunity grows from day to day and the drops to buy are immediately sold out it is really really necessary to implement the autosign function or one kind of option where we can set to trust sites of our choice to not to extra click on signing after clicking on for example buy.
Example for what I mean; if I click on buy on Atomichub or other processes where signing is necessary WCW makes the signing fully automated without extra click here and click there very fast. This option was also integrated in scatter, but scatter stopped developing and doesnt work anymore. I linked that times anchor with scatter for the autosign funtion. But now as this doesnt work anymore on scatter and as anchor doesnt support it it is a pain, because on drops until anchor popups till we can click on sign we loose seconds which are very important for a successfull buy, because of all the other WCW acccounts who want to buy the drop at the same time. Or if we want to craft on rplanet, every crafting act needs to be signed and with 200-400 crafting acts its a pain. And I dont want to switch everytime between anchor and WCW account because my mainaccount on anchor has a history I really dont want to loose by switching completely to WCW. And there are also whitelisted sales, were we can participate with our wallet (then on dropssales we cannot use other accounts like WCW) and there we have to be fast also but no chance against WCW. Please implement the autosign funtion to anchor like scatter did.
Kindly regards