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iOS anchor wallet ,Can’t transfer, but can receive WAXP

I created the anchor wallet yuan.gm on IOS and saved WAXP, but I can’t transfer it out. The private key cannot be imported to other ios phones. Prompt that there is no private key. Please help me to solve it or make suggestions.
Send, enter the address, authorization is successful, but not actually transferred out.

I’m checking with the team on this one - I haven’t actually seen this error message before.

HI aaron, I am prompted with this picture when I transfer money, and then I try to re-import the private key, but I created the yuan.gm account on 2021.11.21, and the private key I exported shows an error. I am in the web wallet, and it prompts me that the wallet is Created on 2021.11.14, I am sure that duplicate names were not prevented during creation, and the creation was successful, and the private key was successfully exported. Please help me, I am very anxious and worried about whether it is caused by an undiscovered App bug, thank you very much.