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iOS Account Creation Failed: Unable to create the keypair

Hi just pointing out a possible bug in Anchor iOS when trying to create WAX account on Anchor iOS. I click Add Account > Create Account > WAX Account > [Name it xxx.gm] > Untick Require Biometrics > Tick Require Passcode > Click Create.

I get an Account Creation Failed error and it says unable to create the keypair.

I did not have Face ID enabled on the iPad or a passcode required to unlock. I enabled FaceID and went through the process again, but with biometrics, and I was able to create the account. I’m not sure if this is a bug or limitation with an unsecured device, but the error message could point you better towards the fix. At the very least I hope this thread might help someone in the future. Cheers.

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Thanks for the report, that’s expected behavior with an unsecured device although we should definitely make it more clear what’s happening and catch the error earlier