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Introduction of Beanz to Eden

Hi friends, I hope you didn’t miss me as much as I missed you! You might know me as @ beanz. I first introduced myself to this world through the steem blockchain which I now recognise as Hive. Here’s my very first post from way back then!

5 years later, I now work in IT. I’m not a developer but I did participate in BlockOne’s hackathon event in London. I pulled together the required skillsets and helped to form 2 different teams. Then I put together the pitch-deck and presented on one of these teams. I can see myself working as a project manager when the time comes.

My good friend @freedomengineer invited me to check out Eden and it feels like it may be the perfect time as I’ve recently started writing again but this time on how a community can build a new grid rather than just go “off-grid” so to speak. I hope the Eden community may help me to find some solutions.

I am intrigued by fractal democracy, but mostly it is the cooperation of liberty minded people, to build and improve upon tools that facilitate freedom that attracts me to Eden. I hope that by being involved in the community I can enlighten myself and my own off-chain community to solutions that facilitate freedom on many levels.

I’m here to learn and to practice adapting liberating solutions into my own community. I would want to support any projects that I believe can help with facilitating more freedom so that I can learn from what works and what doesn’t. If I receive support from the community, I would do everything in my power to ensure the budget is allocated to achieve what was envisioned by the Eden community during the election process.

It’s too soon for me to be certain about how I would spend any budget allocated to me but I will make sure to publish all expenses of any budget allocated to me for the Eden community to see. Off the chain, I want to set up a co-operative with liberty minded people living in Ireland so that we can support one another and encourage the use of cryptocurrency. I have yet to realise how a budget could help with this as I understand it is mainly down to education and usability.

There is a community building here in Ireland, of people recently opening their eyes to the faults in our existing “democratic” process and we are seeking more freedom from state restrictions. My goal is to educate the people in my community about the technology that already exists to provide us with an alternative system of co-ordinating politics, economics & public concerns.

I look forward to my induction with freedomengineer, @lovejoy and joshua.seymour.

If you’d like to reach out to me, my telegram username is beanzz but I do get a lot of messages so to avoid being ignored please say that you’re messaging from Eden. :pray::heart: I love getting messages from like minded friends.