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Introduction Meetings That Help Gamify Eden On EOS

I’d like to work with others here to facilitate two types of weekly Introduction Meetings:

Discovery Meetings

The Discovery Meeting to discover the value and opportunity of joining Eden on EOS.

The First Phase in the Player’s Journey is: Discovery.

Someone’s experience towards Eden starts when they first hear about it, hence the Discovery Phase.

The first phase starts when someone first discovers and learns about Eden on EOS.

Gamifying the discovery phase with the addition of a weekly interactive Zoom meeting is a great way to consistently engage and interact with groups of prospective invitees and help all of us get to know them.

This phase ends when a prospective invitee is inducted into Eden as a participating member. Once they join the Eden on EOS community, s/he has officially started the next phase.

Welcome Meetings

The Welcome Meeting is for welcoming new members and helping them get oriented.

The Second Phase in the Player’s Journey is: Onboarding.

During the onboarding phase, we want to train our Eden members to become familiar with the rules of the game, the options, the mechanics, and the win-states.

Mastering the Onboarding Process can help our Eden members to begin participating in the pre-election, election, and post-election activities with even more ease, excitement and motivation.

The onboarding phase ends when our Eden members are fully equipped and they are ready to take on the journey on their own.

These meetings would always happen on the same day at the same time every week.

How about…

Discovery Meetings on Saturdays?


Welcome Meetings on Sundays?

Credit to Yu-kai Chou for his perspective on the four phases of a player’s journey.