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Introduction, I'm ready to join

Hello, I’m Erik aka Erekle @recentchats on telegram and @recentpaintings on Twitter. I found out about Eden while following EOS and Bullish channels on telegram coming initially from Voice. I’m excited to see the new governance platform take shape under Dan’s leadership.

What is it about the community’s vision/values/ideas attracted you? The vision for a decentralized governance approach to the currency EOS seems like a very powerful and aligned way to move the ecosystem forward and creates a lot of interesting opportunities for the community. The ideas in Dan’s book seem very powerful and this is a an amazing opportunity to test those and refine them and let them be pushed into the wild so to speak.

Why do you want to become a member? Having taken part in the first mock elections I was impressed by how simple and straightforward coming to consensus was with the other three people and there was a true humility and desire for the process to be successful and it was a pleasure to be a part of and I’d love to see it happen on a larger scale with more at stake.

In what way do you see yourself contributing to the community? At minimum an honest and authentic voice that will do my best to vote for the best person at that moment in time. And at the most potentially being part of a project that’s geared towards SMEs that would empower the poor that are working in businesses using cryptocurrency and some of the governance ideas that are being tested here.

If you were to become an elected Eden Genesis representative with a budget, how would you spend that budget? I run an SME chain that’s based on values (excellence, integrity and love) we also happen to be the best pizza in the Republic of Georgia. I would look to join a project that was focused on business perhaps an ERP system that was designed to tender EOS as a currency or somehow look at payroll for employees and suppliers that would be really interesting to try and actually use EOS in a local context so something closely related to ERP and EOS as a currency if there is anything like that that already exists I would be very interested in joining that.

Feel free to ask me any other questions.


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