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Introduction: Hi, I'm Daniel

Hi. I’m Daniel Breiland from Norway. New here, only have a basic overview so far, but here is my introduction.

  • Tell us how you found out about eden?
    Found out about this when checking where EOS was heading. Have had EOS since the ICO so I check up on it once in a while.

  • What is it about the community’s vision/values/ideas attracted you?
    Direct democracy. Been saying the blockchain can be used for this since its inception, so I’m very happy this project exists. It’s more in line with what I was hoping EOS would become and why I invested in it in the first place.

  • Why do you want to become a member?
    Because this is very exciting. Unfortunately it’s rare to find people that understands the potential of the technology as most of the crypto community is more interested in finances. Or to caught up in the details of the technology to see the big picture. So I’m very happy to find a community that are more future oriented.

  • In what way do you see yourself contributing to the community?
    Beyond being fluid in Norwegian, I have a good ideas, at least I think so. And I’m pretty good at making CGI, and decent with computers among other things.

  • If you were to become an elected Eden Genesis representative with a budget, how would you spend that budget?
    Would spend it on anything I believe would further the goal of implementing real direct democracy, not just for EOS, but to replace current government systems down the line, which would include forwarding Eden’s agenda of bringing value to EOS. But I don’t know what options we currently have to spend it on. Ideally I’d want to start a project to build a custom platform independent cloud based OS that changes how we use computers and phones and makes it a more streamlined and unified experience. We have apps to organize apps to organize apps now, this has to stop. We should work with one app, one interface, everything else should be functionality and/or databases added to that one interface. Sort of like current OS’es but where apps are replaced by plugins and database access and mostly run off a server so it can run on devices so low end we can pretty much give them away, think Stadia but for the entire OS (except kernel and other basics obviously). Blockchain/EOS and A.I. assistance (server side) should be built into the system from the bottom up. The OS of the future won’t have a separate app for checking social media, our bank account, maps, or calling our self driving car, it’ll all be built into a standardized seamless interface that will run on anything from our computer to our TV to our watch. I believe this sort of system is going to be essential for direct democracy to work. It shouldn’t be harder for people to participate than it is to read/watch our daily news feed, and giving a vote should be as easy as giving a like. But that implies it’s integrated into a user friendly system that everyone interacts with on a daily basis. In the future everything will be automated, and nobody wants to open twelve different apps just to leave the house. We urgently need an all in one solution, and if we don’t make it someone else will. If we could create such a thing it would be a huge boost to EOS, especially if we can make it very popular quickly by providing a fast responsive OS that can run on fairly low end devices while making it much easier for providers to add their functionality and databases to the system than it currently is. Think about it, Netflix, Prime, Spotify, and a million other streaming services, are just databases, there is no reason for them to all have a separate non-customizable interface, it’s just annoying. One ID, one wallet, one password/key, one username, one person, one personalized interface. Nobody wants to deal with managing all these online accounts, and it should all be tied to a real person so it can be recovered if lost. A blockchain address, or a key tied to one, could be the social security number of the future and be used for anything from voting to our house key. All of this stuff is being done, it’s just not being done in a coherent way, it’s scattered all over the place. Once video games where scattered all over the place, so they built Steam. Now we have tons of Steam mimics so now we’ve made apps that unify all the Steam like apps, it’s getting ridiculous. This creates tons of unnecessary overhead, and it also forces unnecessary hardware upgrades every few years, which creates waste. A server side OS could make it so technology lasts much longer because it can simply make our TV or phone smarter without it needing the TV or phone to do the heavy lifting. The inevitable end of this app race is something that unifies everything once and for all, not another “ecosystem”, but a true LCARS. Build that and we’ll have the world.

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