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[Intro and questions] Cool guys are almost here

:wave: Hey, this is my first post here. First of all, I want to introduce myself, I’m Alexander and I’m a co-owner of the Cultist Studio(Website in development) and Multiverse Fighters game. And I also perform the role of CMO.
:exclamation: At the moment, we are working only with the NEAR blockchain, but we are very interested in creating a multichain, as well as in promoting our ideas and blockchain solutions in the EOS community.

:soon:We are going to participate in the upcoming hackathon, so we will definitely see you again!

:question:And I also have a list of questions that I would really like to get answers to:

  1. Is there any marketing funding in EOS at the moment? (for example, I have a thematic blog and I will advertise EOS, receiving funding from you).
  2. Are there any thematic and regional EOS communities?
  3. After reading this, you may want to share something interesting that is related to EOS, I will be glad of any feedback

:fire:P.S.:fire:I think we need to create a separate topic with Multiverse Fighters