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I want to upload my EOS private keys to anchor wallet that are frozen in MEW

Over 3 yrs ago I purchased EOS tokens. I then stored them on my ledger wallet via Myetherwallet.

On the 29th Jan 2018 I registered my EOS tokens via ‘contracts’ in MEW. I was assigned a new public key and a new EOS private key.

I just plugged in my ledger nano to MEW and I think my EOS tokens are maybe frozen.

If I have the private key after registering the tokens back then should I just import them to an anchor wallet?

I read this thread on reddit:

The most salient point that presents to me is that ‘This now works with the latest version of Anchor Wallet! Greymass Fuel now works with the Ledger!’

But this is confusing to me because I thought I would not need the ledger if I simply have to upload the new EOS private keys to anchor.

Please provide assistance to me
many thanks

Yeah - that is a bit confusing. You’re right though, you do just need the private keys within Anchor to access the EOS account. Just to make it clear:

  • The EOS (ERC20) token when it was on Ethereum is what you’re seeing in MEW and is associated to your Ledger. Those tokens were frozen when the EOS mainnet launched and the token swap occurred.
  • The EOS (mainnet) token is what your private key allows access to. Your Ledger is not associated with that key I don’t believe (since you have the private key).

You should just be able to plug the private key into Anchor and then access your tokens on EOS. The old ERC20 tokens at this point are no longer accessible and are just a relic from the original token generation event.


Hi. I imported the private key after setting up the wallet.

I dont understand bc it says the correct total amount of EOS tokens. But the available was only 10.

I sent the 10 to my wallet at an exchange Im registered to.

But how do I access my other remaining tokens. I dont understand

The other tokens are currently “staked” as network resources. All accounts generated during the genesis of the blockchain were configured to have:

  • 10 EOS tokens available
  • 50% of tokens (-5) staked towards CPU
  • 50% of tokens (-5) staked towards NET

You can manage your staked tokens from the Resources section of the wallet. These resources are what let you perform actions on the network without paying transfer fees (which is actually changing soon). You can unstake tokens from both CPU and NET, and after 3-4 days they will become available to transfer.

If you’d like to unstake 100% of your tokens, you’ll need to enable Fuel in Anchor, which is a service we provide that gives you resources to perform transactions if you don’t have any of your own. Click the little brain-fuel-tank icon in the upper right and a dropdown will appear for it. Just click enable and our service will cover the CPU/NET costs of the transaction.

Hi. Thanks for your help with this.

I clicked on the brain icon and enabled fuel.

I unstaked RAM over 3 days ago and logged on today. I cannot still access any eos tokens.

Today I unstaked the CPU. Do I have to wait another 3 days.

In the RAM it says 58.5% available. The red sell button is enabled. Should I sell these? To whom?

I hope in 3 days that I can have access to 100% of my tokens. Its kind of wasting my time doing all this

I would go to bloks.io and lookup your account. In the left with your balances, there should be a refunding section that’ll display a bunch of information if you hover over it.

If you did unstake again, I think it resets the timer - but looking at the above information will tell you.

If there’s a “Refund” button, you can click it to manually trigger the refund.

RAM can be bought and sold to the blockchain itself. So if you want to sell the RAM you have available, feel free, the price is automatically determined and it’s just a matter of specifying how much to sell.

Hi again,

After following all of your instructions I waited and logged onto the anchor wallet. I go to the wallet and under the transfer tokens heading I have 0 available.

On the home page it says under the ‘total’ field the correct quantity of my tokens. Available says 0

what is going on with this wallet. Its wasting my time

Im worried that my tokens have been stolen.

Under the resources tab

  • cpu has 0% avail
  • net 0% avail
    Ram 62% avail

At the top right corner of the resources it also says 0.0000 EOS available.

Have I been scammed here. I want to know why after all this time I cant access my tokens in this anchor wallet. Or do I have to report all this on Reddit?

Did you follow the instructions that stated you needed to manually refund them from the system? The converting from staked → available isn’t always an automatic process and often requires manual intervention. There are a ton of threads about this in our forums alone, let alone across the internet:

You have to claim those refunded tokens if it doesn’t happen automatically.

This thread: Unstaked EOS stuck in refunding specifically shows a screenshot of where the control would be inside Anchor, and gives a link to the page on bloks.io which you can also use if you login to perform the same action.

This has nothing to do with the wallet, these are EOS processes you need to do. You could be using any wallet and still run into this same issue. If your “Total” balance is correct, no one’s stolen your tokens.

THANKS. I was finally able to gain access to my tokens. What a convoluted process! It would put me off buying EOS again thats for sure.

If I want to sell my RAM I naviagated to that page in the wallet.

What do I put in the ‘cost of RAM in EOS’ field when the criteria in my wallet is as follows:

  • EOS balance 0
  • Avail RAM 6243B
  • Used RAM.3302B
  • Total RAM 9545B

thanks for your help. I hope someone is paying you weekly salary for this advice?

Yeah it’s definitely one of the biggest headaches in the space. It’s taken a long time to try and simplify it.

There’s a tab menu at the top that lets you swap between “By Amount” or “By RAM Amount”. Switch to the “By RAM Amount” and it’ll allow you to specify how many bytes you’d like to sell. Using the data above, you’d just enter the “Available” amount of 6243 and click sell.

We are a block producer on the network and earn rewards that way. It’s not a ton, but at least we’re rewarded somehow :joy:

I have the same situation… except I used a trezor… anyway, what private key? I don’t remember anymore if I got the EOS on an exchange or an ICO….

When you say PRIVATE KEY… is it the private key of the wallet (trezor) where it was stored all these years (since December 2017)

If you had the EOS ERC-20 token on ETH, there is a registration process to register those tokens and then convert them into EOS native tokens. The EOSAuthority crew has been championing this process since the genesis of the EOS blockchain and the first place I’d recommend looking is their tools:

AFAIK you should be able to still use that process today. I unfortunately don’t have a lot of knowledge of what’s involved, but that’s where I’d start and if you need more help maybe try the EOSAuthority telegram channel.

Note: If you jump in telegram to ask questions, ignore any private messages you get that appear to be from official sources. No one that’s going to offer any help will private message or call you first, nearly every single one of those people who will are scammers. Be safe!

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