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I don't agree with Dan Larimer's idea of protecting everyone's life and property

I don’t agree with Dan Larimer’s idea of protecting everyone’s life and property. First , we should protect the life and property of Eden members.Gradually, people joined the garden of Eden,Then Eden protects everyone

Point 1:
Then why should Eden receive any funding from EOS?
We want what is best for the EOS community, from this Eden is born, this is the reason for being of Eden.
Point 2:
Protecting everyone’s life and property is not Dan Larimer’s idea. This has been the idea of any and all respectful human beings, they have only questioned how best to do it. There is no culture on Earth that values the murder or theft of their own, and no culture who has been respected throughout history that has based its existence on the murder and theft of others.

I hope this clarifies the goal in mind of the Foundation, and brings your goals more in alignment with those of the rest of its members. Thank you for posting your thoughts.


Those are the only people I care about as well. Only those who adopt the peace treaty.

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  • Then please explain to those who hold EOS but have not joined Eden why the EOS mainnet should be providing for those who have adopted the peace treaty.

-In this case aren’t we raiding the EOS Mainnets coffers?

My apologies for making assumptions earlier, and for maybe making them now, my mind is a bit blown by your reply. Correct me if I’m wrong.

I was under the impression we were trying to better the EOS Mainnet ecosystem as a whole…

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And what about the kids? Where is that defining line? Simply, life, liberty, property, isn’t conditional. Clearly you don’t mean “only”, yet, come to think of it, i often, lately, enjoyed complete detachment from the human aspects of a theif, feeling played otherwise. (Not to say, not adopting is childish*) (you would have to be unhumanly sure of such terms to draw such lines*)

I might not agree with the internals of eden, but that doesn’t mean that community can not build something of value to the larger ecosystem. It might not have the d-tools of 2090, but with Dan in the mix it is still in creation mode. My only real concern is the unequal footing between eden, enjoying those leniencies of a d project while in creation mode, and those communities that are not lock step with eden membership requirements.

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I don’t want to lower the bar for those communities to put them on equal footing, nor miss out on the efficiencies of creation mode. Saying stuff like “only”, is not reassuring, yet… fn text

I’m sorry that my speech caused controversy,because in my mind, Eden is EOS. Whether it is EOS or Eden, we are all trying to change, and eventually the two become one. No matter what blockchain, it will serve people, no matter what consensus, it will be the consensus of people. I don’t think there is any contradiction between Eden and EOS



No need to apologize. I thank you for opening up the conversation, as it allows us to come together and see what views we share, and maybe adjust those views we do not.

I believe Eden is not EOS, but intends to be a community of the members who care most about EOS and are willing to put their time, money and energy into creating a governance system to be able to develop the infrastructure necessary and to attract developers and entrepreneurs who will create use cases who will bring users.

Simultaneously, experimenting with Dan Larimer’s system of fractal communities and other principles explained in his book.

Assuming all EOS holders want to be part of Eden is a mistake, just like not every EOS holder wanted to move their tokens onto the mainnet from exchanges, or actively participate in voting for Block Producers. Just like in any system, there are many passive members who have no interest in governance and just want someone else to make sure the roads are paved and the electrical grid is working.

It is possible for people to be a passive token holder in EOS - and even Eden. But, if you choose to be a passive token holder - then who will represent your interests?

As an Eden member, I will do my best to make choices that I believe are good for the EOS / Eden communities as a whole. I also plan to invite / sponsor members who operate on a similar ethos.

What will you do?

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