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Https://wax.greymass.com is not responding to requests

I’ve not had a problem for a month or so, but for the last 48 Ive started to have this issue;

Unable to connect to the WAX blockchain.
https://wax.greymass.com is not responding to requests.

I have the latest version of the wallet.

Any help appreciated.

Changed from

looks ok now.

The APIs themselves are online and appear to be in good health. Have you started doing anything differently with WAX in the past 48 hours?

We do have rate limits on our APIs, meaning you can only make so many requests per second to the servers before they start blocking you. I know there are some users who have used various game mining tools developed by the community, which spam transactions pretty fast, and then up getting the user blocked for periods of time.

This block is by IP address - so it’d also prevent Anchor from connecting.

Not really, I staked a few items to RPlanet but this is cold storage that doesn’t see much action.

Alright interesting, not entirely sure what’s going on then. I just ran a few more tests and checked a few other things, didn’t find anything out of the ordinary.

What happens when you just visit wax.greymass.com in your browser? It should show some data on a white page like this:


Whilst I have had the issue the page returns this error;

This site can’t be reached

refused to connect.



Any changes to your network or some kind of firewall/security software recently? Using a VPN or something that might be interfering with it?

It seems like something on your end is preventing you from connecting properly. If you visit a site like this:

It shows online from external sites like this that do checking.

One final thing I could check is if your IP address for whatever reason was banned. I’d need your IP address though in order to check - which not everyone wants to share. If you feel comfortable enough sharing for me to check, feel free use a site like https://www.whatismyip.com to figure out what it is and then you’re welcome to send it my way via email to aaron@greymass.com.

I really appreciate these answers, thank you.

Bizarrely its now back up and running, nothing has changed at this end and I’m not running anything that would interfere. Strange.

(Useful site downfor… thanks)

I will send my IP over to you anyway.

Received - I’m keeping an eye on things from our end to see if it happens again. Feel free to drop a reply here and let me know if you see it before I do!

@aaron Hi, I currently have the same problem Anchor problem

I can’t unlock my wallet as well. I didn’t change any settings or anything, it worked fine yesterday. Updated to the latest version just now , but that didn’t fix it. Is there more info on this issue yet?

Never mind @aaron , Just like with Waxer bear it started working again. Don’t know for sure but it was probably precisely at 23:00 utc. Maybe still useful to know :slight_smile:

I think a lot of these are just our protection systems kicking in and blocking access temporarily. There’s a lot of “abusive” WAX based applications, some of which you might use that’ll access our APIs in pretty intense ways. If you find yourself playing some of the games or using mining tools, it’s possible it ends up blocking you from our APIs which would also affect Anchor.

Our servers themselves have been fine for a while now - but these systems we have to protect them might be a bit too aggressive at times. It’s pretty hard to tell :sweat_smile:

I have the same issue, I e-mailed you a few days ago Aaron.
Any assistance would be appreciated, not sure how to resolve it.
I’m not able to open a connection to https://wax.greymass.com at all.

Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the ping on that, I sent you back an email this afternoon!

Hello @aaron,

I got the same problem since many hours now :confused:
I emailed you with my ip address.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I also got this problem "Unable to connect to the WAX blockchain.
https://wax.greymass.com is not responding to requests. "I can’t connect.

If you visit that URL in your browser, are you able to access it?

It sounds like something is preventing your wallet from accessing the API. This could be a firewall, security software, or something on your network.