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How to import anchor wallet from desktop to mobile


Im using anchor wallet 1.3.2 on the MacBook and I am trying to import my account into the mobile anchor wallet and I can’t find how. Any help on this that I can read somewhere?

Also I’m wondering how would I be able to access my anchor wallet if for example my MacBook would crash. Im using a ledger and I’m trying to figure out what would happen in case of a crash?

Thank you


If you’re using a Ledger, then so long as you have your Ledger (and obviously a backup sheet for the Ledger) then you’ll be able to use that account on any device you pair with the Ledger.

To answer this, if you’re using a Ledger for your account, there’s no way unfortunately to also then use mobile. Our mobile apps don’t support using Ledger devices.

If you find a mobile EOSIO wallet that does support the Ledger though, you should be able to use that just by pairing the two devices!

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Thank you Aaron.

Is there any plan in the future to be able to use the ledger bluetooth device with mobile anchor wallet?

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No concrete plans currently. It’s a pretty big project to take on and we have a lot on our plate right now.

It’s one of those features that if we had extra engineering capacity, we’d probably explore more in depth and try to devote some resources to. Unfortunately that’s just not the case yet.