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How to access address created on iOS with Anchor for Windows?

Hi. I have an iOS created address with the PDF certificate and my encryption key words.
I’d like to access this on my Windows Anchor wallet but it’s asking for a private key that starts with the number 5. I don’t see that on the certificate.

Thanks for any help.


It’s currently not possible without some pretty technical steps, but expect that functionality to come to Anchor on desktop soon!

Dang. ok. The only reason I even installed on iOS was to create a wallet because the process looked much easier.

Are there instructions for creating a wallet that works for the Windows client?

The account itself will work, it’s just not easy to transport it between devices yet.

One thing you could do today is go into Anchor on iOS, into Accounts, and then view the private key for the account. You’d then copy that private key (be careful where you copy/paste it, anyone with that key can control the account) and put it on your desktop. Then in Anchor desktop, you’d use the “Import via Private Key” method and use that key. It’ll load your account and you’ll be able to use it on both devices.

If you have a macOS machine and have the universal clipboard between your two machines - I think that might be a somewhat secure way to copy it. I believe it uses Bluetooth (with encryption) between the two devices to share the clipboard contents between machines. I personally wouldn’t do this with an account of any significant value - but it may be an easy path to move the key.

We’re working on the features right now that are required for you to use the owner key certificate itself on desktop to authorize desktop computers as additional devices. Once that’s complete, you’d be able to scan the owner key certificate or type in the encryption key words to do it without ever exposing any keys.