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How should EOS Foundation support the ecosystem?

1.Support for easier usage

There are many complains about hard to use EOS system. Most of them say can not understand the CPU NET RAM things. I think it may be only for the new users, but yes it’s a problem.

Recently, a discussion on this happened on the Telegram group Everything EOS and I find someone posted a solution that propose displays the CPU NET RAM things together like the miner fee. Here is the link about it: Fee-based transactions to make EOS easier
And when I forward this proposal to Eden members group, Aaron Cox(jesta) - Grey mass said “We have this in our suite of products(for use in any dapp) and will be expanding it for use in any wallet in the future.” and posted this link: https://twitter.com/greymass/status/1374057754751500291

I think that’s it, if the EOS Foundation supports them about this, that would be great. If it has been done, at least the EOS system would operate like the BTC, ETH, etc.

Furthermore, I think EOS Foundation can do some efforts on the limited free transaction. I think free transactions as a whole is impossible because it is the blockchain, there must have someone to pay for the infrastructure. But, a few free transactions a day is possible and would make EOS using much better like the centralized network services. Such as every account can send 5 times free transactions a day.

2.Support for non-profit projects

As I know, most of the projects Eden members are involved in are non-profit projects. Ami is involving a project that helps users manage their accounts. Randall Roland is creating the EOS support center that helps users who have issues with using EOS. Etc.

I think it’s great to send funding to Eden for these non-profit project. And I think it is best way to support the non-profit project because it is difficult to evaluate the non-profit projects. But Eden has a democratic process that I think maybe perfect for non-profit funding.

3.Invest profit-making projects on EOS public chain

I think the support to profit-making projects should be as the form of investment to make it easy to evaluate the efficiency of the EOS Foundation. And it also makes the EOS Foundation sustainable rather than depends upon inflation forever.

But, there is some worry about the competitiveness compare to other blockchains. Yeah, this is a good point, especially when the EOS chain is lacking projects hard. So, maybe the support to profit-making projects could be donations in the short term and turn to be investments one or two years later.


Yes account resource settings are a point of friction. Greymass have worked tirelessly from day one. I agree - supporting them should be a priority.