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How many wallet can be imported into Anchor wallet desktop app?

How many account can be imported into Anchor wallet(desktop)? I current have 10 wallets but want to add another. When I import the new account, it just does not show up. I had to remove any of 10 to be replace with the 11th one. Does anchor limit to 10 accounts in Accounts Overview?

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About 3 wallet. Are you new to this

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No, there is no hard limit on how many you can import.

The application does begin to slow the more you add though, since it’s more data that needs to be retrieved from the blockchain and kept in sync.

It sounds like you’re encountering a bug, but I’m not sure what it could be based on the information provided. :thinking:

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@ aaron I hope this might help. What I want is to add more account to be easily managed on this page. But as of now I can add up to the limit of 10. If I want to import another, then I have to remove any of 10. Is it just a bug cause when I tried to import 11th account, the app just goes the approval through as normal.

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It should work, this is my wallet currently and I add more quite regularly.


When you add the 11th account, are you using the “Import by Private Key” method and then checking the checkbox next to the name of the account you want to import? If not, how are you adding these accounts?


Thank you for your help. Now I can add more than 10 accounts. Normally I add account by “Automatically detect”. Then I try “Import Private Key” method and it work.

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