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How do i have anchor wallet show all balance under "Available"?

Why is anchor wallet not showing my full balance as available? and how do i fix this?


When i try to send i also get this


is this forum alive?

Not super alive, but few of us around.

The first screenshot you showed displays the tokens as “Refunding”. You’ll have to refund those tokens before they become available, some more information can be found here:

Here is what i see, what do i do?

Anyone willing to help out here?
Why is EOS wallet so complicated?!?
Wallet should be something so easy to use without studying rocket science

Yeah the interface needs work, just not enough people to do it.

There’s a button in the middle with the arrows pointing up, which expands that section to show more information. Expand either the CPU or NET sections, and you’ll see a blue refund button.

The post I linked you to has a screenshot showing it, or alternatively instructions to go log in to bloks.io where there’s a refund button as well.