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Hello, I'm Str8up interested in EdenOnEos!

Hi everyone , I found the EOS community from my friend Gen with whom I play Upland. She recommended me to come check out your Governance models which will also be a new play feature in our Upland Game. I’m most interested in learning more about how you work so that I may both improve my own game play and more so to help other people coming into the metaverse. I’ve always been a helper in Second Life for years and I do the same helping newbies in our Upland Cafe every day. I really enjoy that aspect a lot.
So what would I do with an Eden representative budget ? I’m still learning but the first thing that comes to mind is buying more Upland and using that platform in our cities as we’re about to implement some form of our own governance. In our model you need land and a structure/building on them to conduct business for example and we expect local governance to run along that same course. I’m thrilled to find your so well ahead of me in everything and can’t wait to see more of how we’d use this model in so many more ways than just Upland for example. Thank you !

I am Str8up on discord, CodyEstates in Upland and atm I’m having trouble logging into Telegram haha. So I’ll get ya that soon. Thanks again :slight_smile: