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Hello everyone! I'm Tobiasz Siankiewicz

Hello everyone! My name is Tobiasz Siankiewicz. I am a jazz musician and a member of the EOS community since the ICO. By following Dan Larimer on Twitter, and watching his interviews on YouTube, I found out about the EdenOnEOS.

I see EdenOnEOS as a visionary experiment which has a huge potential of changing the way we choose our leaders. Also, it has a great potential to help the further development of EOS public block chain as well as building vibrant community around it.

While I’m not much of a technical person, I think I could contribute to Eden as someone who listens to different opinions and is able to see what could be the best for the community.

In the event of me becoming the elected Eden Genesis Representative with a budget, I would reach out to the community how they want the budget to be spent.

My Telegram: @Siteusz