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Greetings, Cristhian Rincon (Thian) - Introduction

Hello, my name is Cristhian Rincón, a latin individual native from Colombia.
I was introduced to EDEN on EOS by a group of people who are familiar with, and EOS bees.

I read Dan’s book “More Equal Animals”; and I relate to each of the values that the community promotes. I believe that freedom, transparency, respect, honesty and responsibility. These are crucially important values.

And I can contribute to the community by helping to promote those values, both inside and outside the community. As was the idea that in turn, Dan planned and is now EDEN.
I recently completed my induction, and consider me for inclusion in the EDEN community. I want to be part of the EDEN community, which allows exactly that, freedom by overcoming our institutional obstacles that currently exist.

On a budget, my main focus would be on projects that are based within the community itself. And another part would be education oriented, social events, workshops within my country. Also part of the funds would be destined to the creation of a local community in the city where I live.
And the development of apps/services that are based on web3, that help to improve and solve problems of everyday life, and making people’s lives easier.
Telegram: thianandre
Twitter: thianisoneos


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