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Great tree of life on EOS - the pillars of the creation

Hello world,
Long story short, I was meditating. More precisely, I was asking the universe to help me and guide me to create a better world. Then cat dropped my EOS lip balm. I looked deeper into it and I found exactly what I was looking for. The community that would finally connect wisdom and eternal love together.

The concept of reducing the footprint of our existence on the world is what led me here. I see the universe as a great tree of life and balance needs to remain. There are as many ways to give to the universe than ways to take from it. With AI and blockchain, we can quantify this and build a better balance, away from greed and corruption. I am dreaming of world peace is that too big? I think that with the right tools and enough love, we can achieve a world without conflicts and poverty, where our actions are sustainable for our home, our planet, and where technology leads us to a better self rather than digging the hole deeper. I believe we can use the EOS ecosystem as a foundation for this new world. I believe that we can make research and knowledge accessible for all via advanced neural networks. I believe that IP doesn’t have it’s place when everybody has food and a roof. I believe this is the way.

After my illumination, I started writing a book. In there, there will be 10 ideas for a better future, that all came to me while meditating. Coincidentally, most of these ideas could be fueled directly the EOS ecosystem. I think being a member would allow to share my thoughts with others and find people with a similar vision of the future on Eden.

I would like to be a contributive member of this community. I trained as a doctor, then I was given the power of awareness. This led me to Eden, and I’m sure it’s not a coincidence. I want to create a better future for everyone and everything, and I now have high hopes. When I get more immersed in the community and following thorough guidance, I can become a valuable asset on a broader level.

If elected to become a member of EOS Genesis, I would use the budget to start the pillars of the Great Tree of Life AI system. A prototype where resources organically flow where the needs are.

  1. Wisdom Allocation for universal knowledge and free of IP (decentralized research and development)
    The startups born via the program will feed back the research program with the profits. The research program will have several pillars with links in the academia.
  2. DebtFree Allocation for overnight liquidity required to build debt service tokens
    i.e CO2 emission token, clean water token, ocean plastic token
  3. Love Allocation for charity and philanthropy
  4. Prayer Token (Love machine and NFT) – Have yet to figure this out. But quantum physics would allow for some big things in this area. Prayers are vibrations, and the sum of vibrations modify the wave of possibilities… Crazy thought, but possible thing bothon a spiritual and scientific standpoint.

A simple scenario of research funding in a community:
Company A spinoff from the research allocation (entanglement with the creator which leaves a perpetual contract, but also leaves complete independency of the company A). Company A could succeed or fail, and it doesn’t affect the whole system. The perpetual contract seeks to avoid debt, in any kind, by keeping liquidity flowing. For instance, operational costs of the company A includes greenhouse emission tokens. These tokens are then allocated to projects aiming at reducing pollution.
Example of further scenario in one universe : Company A pays the environmental debt, but unfortunately remain with a poor balance sheet after just 1 year of business. Investors vote to reinvest capital in company A, stating that the growth looks promising. Company A survives, pays it’s environmental debt, and become profitable. Entanglement now binds company A to give back part of the profit, otherwise it’s draining resources from the ecosystem. There would be no winner in doing such. So Company A now feeds back the research program, and write philanthropy tokens, that would in turns lead to creation of company B.
Of course, there are as many universes as there are choices, and as many ways of reimbursing debt to the Great tree of Life, thus the 4 pillars above.

More on this to come :wink:

Thanks again for building this community.
When Eternal Love meets Wisdom, light will come rushing in.

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