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Genesis Induction Friday 3pm EDT

Hello All,

Eden v0.1 is Ready / Time to Induct the Genesis Members

Just a quick announcement (short notice). Directly on the heals of a very successful and exciting Eden Trial Election, Eden v0.1 is ready to go! We’ll be doing a quick meeting to ratify the (very slightly) modified/corrected Peace Treaty and induct the Eden Genesis members. The Clarion team will be available to ensure all goes smoothly. The Zoom link for the meeting will be dropped in the Eden Members TG group right around 3pm EDT.

What to Expect

Dan will walk us through the minor corrections to the Peace Treaty and answer questions about them. We’ll deploy the Eden contract and begin Genesis Member induction. The Genesis members will complete their profiles and pay their dues (more on dues below).

What if I can’t make this time on such short notice?

First off, we apologize for the short notice. We’ve had so much going on, we overlooked the overlapped timing on the Trial Election and the Eden v0.1 launch timeframe, which led to a last minute schedule change. We are intent on providing far better notice than this in the future.

So what if I can’t make it? Not a problem at all. You can watch the recording of the meeting to see the Peace Treaty changes. Then you’ll fill in your profile and pay your dues. Filling in your profile and paying your dues constitute you ratifying this update/final version of the Peace Treaty.

The Genesis members will have 7 days to fill out their profiles and pay their dues. For regular invitations, if the induction process is not completed in 7 days, that invitation will expire. For the Genesis group, those who complete their profile and pay their dues will be Genesis members. To greatly simplify the technical and logistical complexity, anyone who has not filled out their profile and paid their dues at the 7 day mark will simply not be part of the Genesis group. The contract will simply only include those who have completed the process, and anyone who hasn’t completed their profile and paid their dues will need to be invited post-Genesis Induction.

Existing Dues will be Refunded

We have switched the contract’s account from eden.gm to genesis.eden, and the contract now handles dues as part of the automated/logged work flow. Due to these changes, all dues already made to the eden.gm will be refunded, and you are asked to pay your dues, following the now-official process via the contract.

When New Invitations?

Once the Genesis members have been inducted and the results of the Genesis meeting confirmed successful, new invitations can be issued. We’ll make another announcement after Genesis induction is complete with How-do-I-invite instructions. If everyone is in this Friday 3pm EDT meeting, we could have the Genesis induction done by 4pm EDT. More likely, we will not have everyone there, and we may have to wait a day or 2 for everyone to complete the process. Please diligently complete the process. We will reach out to ensure everyone has the best opportunity to do so.

We were super excited and inspired by the Trial Election today. We thank you again for your trust in us and patience with us. We look forward to adding Eden v0.1 to the toolset that will revolution how people come to consensus and coordinate their effort.

– The Clarion Team

If you haven’t already seen Brandon and the dev team’s demo of Eden v0.1 from Thursday, check it out here .

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About Eden: We are building the means for people to regain influence in their communities and to revolutionize their ability to come to consensus.