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Genesis Induction / Eden v0.1 Member Portal kick-off

Hello Eden Genesis members,

We’re ready to do the live Genesis induction!

There will be 2 phases to the activity today:

  1. Complete the Genesis members induction
    This is where you, as a Genesis member, will use the Member Portal to update your profile and complete your own induction (slightly different than post-Genesis inductions).
    Everyone must complete the process before the Genesis member induction process is complete and invitations can begin.
  2. Invite new members
    Once the Genesis induction is complete, we can invite new members! Inviting new members will also be done via the Member Portal. We hope you find the UX self-explanatory and a delight to use.

If you’re a Genesis member, join with the Zoom link in the Eden Members TG channel.

Please visit genesis.eden.eoscommunity.org, and log in with the account you gave us after the genesis meeting. You’ll find the current status of each person in the community and next actions for you to complete your induction. Let’s go ahead and get the Genesis group inducted so we can invite new people!

A few deeper details

We’ve made a few changes that we believe will improve the future experience of Eden members using EdenOS and forming new communities.

  • We’re moving the contract to the genesis.eden account (rather than the [eden.gm](http://eden.gm) account. This is primarily to namespace future communities, enabling future communities to be similarly named and to share the Eden naming umbrella, eg. spanish.eden, korean.eden, chinese.eden.
  • What about my Eden dues I sent to eden.gm? We will be refunding the dues you already paid, so that you can make them as part of the final EdenOS process, and it all can be logged on chain properly. We apologize for any inconvenience this creates for you. It’s part of making the future a smoother, more consistent experience. Thank you for your patience with this change.

What’s Included?

Just a reminder that EdenOS v0.1 is only providing the Invitation & Induction Portal. This release does not include election orchestration, budget proposal/management, etc. The portal only enables inviting new members at this point. But we’re already at work on EdenOS v0.2, which will enable elections.

Lastly… 2 things

  1. EdenOS is in an alpha stage. So please please please, do provide feedback. We’re hungry to discovery needed changes and ways to make Eden a great way for us to interact. Please send us feedback here.

  2. Once you’re official, you can help people who want to join find you many different ways, one suggestion would be setting your Telegram profile name by adding something like “| Eden member”. Either way, once you’re a member, you’re an ambassador to the community. Feel free to announce yourself as such.

To explore the Eden Wiki, click here .

About Eden: We are building the means for people to regain influence in their communities and revolutionize their means of coming to consensus.

Mike Manfredi
COO, ClarionOS