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Genesis Induction Complete; Member Portal Live

Friday we reached another extremely exciting milestone for Eden.

EdenOS v0.1 (Member portal) is now live, and the Genesis members have completed their induction! Not only that, but the first invites have gone out. That means that the Eden community is now organically growing as existing members invite new members.

To Existing Eden members

It’s time to invite! Let’s get out there and get those you know who have read the book and understand what we’re up to here invited! The game Dan has declared is 100 members by June 1st and 1000 members by July 4th. We’re a little behind on those. Think we can still make those dates? :wink:

You can find the Member Portal here.

How do I join Eden?

Read Dan’s book More Equal Animals, so you know what Eden is really about. Since our trial election, Chris Barnes has been making the interview circuit talking about the process. So see his interviews for further context.

Eden is an invitation-based community. We’re looking for people who value, understand, and will support the ideas in the book; Eden is, in fact, a first instantiation of the ideas in the book.

If you don’t know an existing member, find ways to contribute and participate in the community, and you’re sure to come across an existing member. Check out the discussions on forums.eoscommunity.org. Discuss the book in Telegram in the More Equal Animals channel or the EdenOnEOS channel. See if you’re interested in any of the things we already know we need in the Contribution section of our wiki. You’ll find members all over the place! You can also browse the current members to see if you know someone who’s already a member.

What’s Included in EdenOS v0.1?

Just a reminder that EdenOS v0.1 is only (at this point) providing the Invitation & Induction Portal. This release does not include election orchestration, budget proposal/management, etc. So far, the portal only enables inviting new members. But we’re already at work on EdenOS v0.2, which will enable some budget and election functionality.

Lastly… 2 things

  1. EdenOS is in an alpha stage. So please please please, do provide feedback. We’re hungry to discover needed changes and ways to make Eden a great way for us to interact. Please send us feedback here.

  2. Once you’re official, there are many ways you can help people find out you’re a member. One suggestion would be setting your Telegram profile name by adding something like “| Eden member”. Either way, once you’re a member, you’re an ambassador to the community. Feel free to announce yourself as such.

If you haven’t already seen Brandon and the dev team’s demo of Eden v0.1, check it out here.

To explore the Eden Wiki, click here .

About Eden: We are building the means for people to regain influence in their communities and revolutionize their means of coming to consensus.

Mike Manfredi
COO, ClarionOS


Excited about this potential and looking forward to getting on a video call soon to get my invitation process completed. For existing members, please check out this post and let me know what you think. You now have an @ eden FIO Address assigned to you using your same EOS keypair.