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Forum Request Thread

The goal of these forums is to create an inclusive place for various community projects of all types that relate to the ecosystem.

To that end, one of the things we’d like to be able to do is establish individual forum categories for projects that have an interest maintaining a presence here and allow those teams to manage their own category.

If this is of interest to you, reply to this thread with the following information:

  • The name of the project
  • The forum account name who will own the category
  • A list of any sub-categories (sub-forums) you’d like created under the primary category.
  • What sort of post restrictions you’d like for each category.

What we will do is create a group for you, set the forum account name as the owner of the group, and create a category with the group as the owner/operator of that category.

Some things to note:

  • As the owner of a group, you can use the groups page to find your group and manage the members of the group. Anyone in the group will have moderator privileges for your forum - so only add members you trust to help you manage.
  • The overall structure of the forums themselves is going to be in flux. We are still figuring out the organization of it all, so your position on the homepage may change as we determine the best way to organize everyone.
  • To ensure you’re who you say you are, we may either check the email address you have on file to ensure it’s associated to a project related domain, or ask for you to reach out to us on telegram or something to verify your identity before creating the forum categories.


We are very glad to share and talk anything about EOS and Defibox with community in here. It would be convenient for Defibox users to have a space to talk about the project, share their thoughts and make friends with everyone in EOS. So we propose to set a category for Defibox.

-The name of the project: Defibox (Token name: BOX / Contract name: token.defi)
-The forum account name who will own the category: @DefiboxTeam
-The list of any sub-categories
*USN stable coin
-What sort of post restrictions you’d like for each category?
Of course we do not welcome those spam and scam comments in this category. It should be the place for community members to talk about their excellent ideas and thoughts. Please be nice and gentle.

It is appriciated that if we can get a place for Defibox.


The group and categories have been created, all housed within this primary category:


The group that controls and can moderate this area is:


Feel free to add additional users to the group.

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Thanks, we are grateful to it and will communicate with community members nicely!

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Hey @aaron I love this initiative. For old nerds like myself I miss the old feel of forums. We’ve been working on a project for EOS for a while now - Carmel - and we’re taking it to market this year. I’m considering consolidating the Carmel Community activity around this forum. Can we get a Carmel section going here? If so, I’ll start transitioning our activity over here. We’re committed to EOS - we have been from the beginning. I think our launch this year will be beneficial for the entire EOS community so it makes sense to bring our conversations over here. Let me know if we can make that happen. Looking forward to this initiative.

Done! Forum category itself can be found here:

And the team allowed to moderate it can be found here:


We will at some point start organizing these categories on the forum home screen, but those links shouldn’t change.