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Fork of Eden community

It is my understanding that with Eden we don’t want any community to grow too big so we put a cap of 10,000 members in terms of how big a group can be. There’s also anticipation that independent local Eden communities will emerge in different language groups. As the community evolves, I anticipate there will be cases where group of members in the existing Eden community will want to secede from their original community and form a new one. In this case:

  1. Should they move their membership to a new community, removing themselves from the existing one? How do we define the process of the secede/forking? Is there any action defined/coded in the current iteration of Eden smart contract?
  2. Should we allow double citizenship in which a member can stay in their original community while they obtain other (multiple) memberships in any new community?

For example, as one of Korean community leader, if I invite bunch of Korean participants to the current community and later form a separate Korean Eden community, what will things look like? Do they fork out? Or do they stay in this iteration of Eden community and join a new one? It might sound like a question asked too early in the process, but I think it could be sooner that we think.

I’m posting this question publicly because none of us have answers just yet.


I can definitely see the value of starting a Korean Eden community immediately. There are probably some challenges around forking the existing induction codebase as it is evolving quite quickly and being updated. So if you wanted to follow the same induction process and generate NFTs, then you will probably want to wait a bit as that stabilizes.

However, I do not think that this is necessarily a restriction on how another Eden community may choose to form. For example, if you wanted to make a Korean Eden that did not follow the same induction process, but instead create your own that doesn’t require everyone to be on video at the same time - then that should be decided upon by your community.