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Five tips-EOS-五条建议

  1. Free account. Currently, it is an endless cycle to use a completely secret account in EOS. A lot of people don’t need beautiful accounts, they need private, easy accounts to sign up for.
  2. The problem of resource payment. Every 24 hours, we have to re-purchase resources. Start doing these things now.
  3. Money for all public charges, resource fees, auction fees, etc. Public interest charges, all need to be destroyed. Because BP doesn’t need to make money out of it.
  4. The additional issuance of 2 is a very large fund, which is related to every currency holder. Clear methods of use, management and supervision should be formulated, and withdrawal mechanism should be formulated.
  5. As for the struggle with B1, be reasonable, reasonable, have data and be honest. B1 is still our friend. As the Chinese say, unite with all forces that can be united.