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First Mock Eden Election - An Update From the Board

Hello Everyone!!

A little update on progress and promises from the first mock Eden election.

First the Board (myself, John, Mike and Ami) have been busy (well mostly John…lol) on delivering on the improvements to the eospowerup.io functionality. I’ve actually seen the Telegram bot in action, and even though its not finished yet, its looking very slick and will be a great addition to the community’s toolkit to improve EOS’ usability.

The Board has created the MSIG account (edenosboard1) with a required weight of 3/5 to approve a transaction. The weighting of the Board’s vote power is as follows:
chrisbedenos - 2
johnonedenos - 1
amiamiamiami - 1
mikemanfredi - 1

The prize of 1000 EOS was successfully deposited to the Board’s account on May 19, so thank you for that Dan and his team who funded this first trail run!

From that, 450 EOS (half of the 900 EOS to be paid to John for his work) has been sent to John as promised. He will receive the rest once the final products are released for community use. Which at the rate John is going will be soon enough!

Next I want to give a big shout out to Sharif and eosDublin (eosdublinwow) for donating 100 EOS to the eospowerup.io free usage account. EosDublin is currently a standby BP ranked in the 72nd spot. To those individuals and proxies that are voting for BPs, please consider adding eosdublinwow to your list as they are stepping up to contribute in other ways than just producing blocks for the EOS network. Supporting the community like this is how I imagine many of us would prefer our BPs to participate in the ecosystem…in more ways than just stacking blocks.

With this donation the Board has come to consensus that it would be ok to tweak how the 1000 EOS prize fund will be allocated. We will now be sending 100 EOS to Greymass, which came up as a potential recipient of funds during the elections. I think we can all agree that Greymass are deserving of recognition for their contributions to the community, so hopefully you are all ok with the switch in how the prize will be allocated.

Lastly in case you were wondering what the current free usage of the eospowerup.io account is, please see the chart below with usage from China now taking the lead and Venezuela in second.

updated usage chart

Thanks for everything! The EOS community is really starting to come alive and it gives me goosebumps to think of what lays ahead for us!

Go EOS! Go EdenOS!!


Thanks good report, a precedent for future funding caretakers.


Well-done Chris. Good works

Very much looking forward to the garden of Eden to enter orbit, refueling EOS community, hope Chinese community in the garden of Eden to start as soon as possible

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