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Felix Ruiz Introduction to Genesis Members

Hey everyone, my name is Felix Ruiz and I would like to extend a request to be invited into the Eden community. I am an EOS Genesis holder and I have attended two EOSIO sponsored events, the EOS SF Hackathon and B1 June. It’s been a crazy rollercoaster of a journey with the EOS community but I am excited for this new chapter.

Tell us how you found out about Eden?
o After discovering EOS I became a big fan of Dan and found myself aligned with his principles and philosophies. So naturally after hearing about Dan’s resignation from Block One I was curious on what Dan would do next. I was excited to hear that he planned on creating products to help build and empower the EOS ecosystem. Eventually I found Eden and was lucky enough to get to participate in the first playoff election test run.
What is it about the community’s vision/values/ideas that attracted you?
o We are all here and passionate about trying to do our part in helping change the world for the betterment of humanity. Our current government system is broken and outdated, and this community seeks to provide a solution for that problem. I believe this has tremendous potential to become a historic moment in human history that could establish the future of democracy for generations to come! It is a beautiful thing to get to witness and I am excited to do my part in helping contribute to this community.
Why do you want to become a member?
o I believe I am a strong consensus builder and I would help provide a strong foundation in vetting other members during the election process. I am also incredibly passionate about this new system of governance and I would find it an honor to be a member.
In what way do you see yourself contributing to the community?
o I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason and sticking with EOS and finding Eden feels like it is a part of my purpose. I have been wanting to get involved with EOS outside of being just a token holder for some time now, but having a degree in petroleum engineering, I have found it hard to find my lane on how to contribute. Not being happy with my career choice I have made the commitment to focus on producing media content to help spread the word and educate about EOS. Now that I have found Eden I envision creating content around other members’ ideas as well as current developments that the Eden community would like to have media coverage for.
If you were to become an elected Eden Genesis representative with a budget, how would you spend that budget?
o I would spend the budget based on the representation of those who elected me to be a representative. I aim to represent media/communications and marketing as I believe that is an area that EOS currently lacks but I will always lean on feedback from what the community feels is best.



  • 告诉我们您如何找到伊甸园的?
  • 社区吸引您的愿景/价值观/想法是什么?
  • 您为什么要成为会员?
  • 您如何看待自己为社区做出的贡献?
  • 如果您成为预算的选举的Eden Genesis代表,您将如何花费该预算?
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