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Feedback for Early access Web Wallet

Hi Greymass team,

Just had a play about and love what you guys have done with the web wallet. Some thoughts below, which may or not make sense to consider.

Currently using M1 with macOS 11.4 and Safari Version 14.1.1 (16611.

UI Looks:

Love the look of it. Super-simple and clean UI and has all the key info I need. Layout is great.

Advanced Features:

Great to have Network Resources hidden away in Advanced. Although, I would suggestions some of the below might be worth considering:

  1. Under each section: RAM CPU and NET, I think a small amount of text explaining what they are and why they are needed, any warnings around not to play with these.
  2. Rent CPU - I feel, rightly or wrongly, that leaving PowerUp amounts completely open for users to accidentally rent their entire EOS balance is probably a bit of a risk (sounds like something I might consider after a few beers :slight_smile: ). I would suggest a sensible pre-set ms number here that would cover a standard user to make a lot of trades in a day with plenty left ms leftover. You could then allow for custom ms number somewhere else. So, this creates a kind of catch-all scenario where beginners in the advanced section have a small safety net, and advanced users know what to do with custom ms values.
  3. RAM network resources, some overview of what this is and some example of what might be required, and why not to touch it, any warning etc.
  4. When in System Resources for some period of time, the wallet seems to time out and the web page needs to be refreshed. Before this issue, I was adding and remove letters and values, so not sure if that has caused the issue.
  5. Back button to Networking resources overview for when in CPU, RAM or NET.
  6. When adding amount of system resources which is above EOS balance, no warning that this is over balance (although a warning is in place for “invalid number” in red text when entering letters.
  7. I thought Renting by REX and staking CPU for resources was effectively deprecated to a larger extent? Is there a techie reason to still have it (and if so, it it worth including a small amount of text to guide users here?).

Send Tokens:

I’m really liking the way this is working. Everything is spot-on and behaves exactly as I would want it to. Only small suggestion I have is to include a warning around absent memo information (such as the requirement when sending to exchanges etc). I haven’t gone all the way to signing a transaction, but assumed all is working here.

Overall, I’m super-impressed, awesome work. I was expecting something a lot less polished for an early release. As with all the Anchor wallets, I really enjoyed using the web wallet in the same way I do Desktop and Mobile Anchor.


Thanks for the feedback!

Tracking your suggestion to add a warning for missing memo here Add memo warning for exchange accounts · Issue #94 · greymass/wallet · GitHub

A lot of great feedback around the resources as well, we are still working on that section and will definitely be looking at this list as we work on it


Agreed with what Johan said - great feedback, and thank you so much!

For resources, we plan on burying most of the controls you see today in an “Advanced” section that most users won’t need to interact with. We envision Fuel and other resource providers as being the easiest way to manage all of those resources automatically. If you’re a power user and you understand each resource and its role, then you can go in and manage them yourself.

The UI for it all does need a lot of work though and probably some form of information about the resources themselves, for people who want to learn. We have some good designs being iterated on for these screens right now which we’re excited to get implemented as we continue to develop on this new product.

For EOS, 99% of system resources at the moment go into the PowerUp system, and the remaining 1% still exist within the old Staking and REX models. Those numbers are accurate (or close) on the amounts it would take to reserve 1ms of CPU for each of those various systems.

For other chains, like WAX for example, staking is still the only resource method - so we do need those advanced controls for WAX users to manage their own resources. We’re trying to be chain agnostic to start with, and once you’re in the interface customizes itself based on the chain you’re using.

We have a few additional features we think will make it even easier too :wink:

I personally am really excited to push harder on these new features. It’s just going to take a bit of R&D though before we figure out how to implement them!

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Hi team,

Thanks for the responses. Great to see a lot the enthusiasm around this project.

That makes a lot sense. I think Fuel is a great way to simplify usage for everyone. Do you think Fuel balance could someday be tied to a GM user account in the future, which could be used across Anchor wallets, EOSIO chains and accounts? Sounds difficult to implement, but that’s something I’d love to see.

That’s our goal with it.

We initially built out a tiny “Fuel Management” interface on the greymass.com website (which we since disabled) with the goals of doing that. It felt really out of place though and we needed a better home for users to manage their Fuel accounts, rules, and balances. Instead of building a dedicated Fuel portal, we decided that if we had a web wallet, we could just build those Fuel interfaces directly into it. So that’s currently our plan, allowing users to manage all Fuel related things directly from within the web wallet right alongside all the traditional resource management systems.

We have some initial work done on that from the Fuel side and hopefully we’ll be getting around to building the interfaces for it into the web wallet sometime in the near future!

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