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Fee-based transactions to make EOS easier

Maybe the best way to move forward on EOS transactions, which of course involve RAM/CPU/NET, if the EOS Account does not have sufficient resources to complete the transaction, is to have the pop up when initiating a transfer that simply states
You are transferring 4 EOS from qwertyuiopas to asdfghjklzxc.
(simple explanation of transaction the user can verify is correct)

TRANSACTION FEE $0.01082 (0.002 EOS) Click to accept the FEE.

Fee details (clickable)

An ETH user will laugh and will not even consider clicking the Fee details.
Clicking Fee details will open a website where RAM/CPU/NET will be simply and effectively explained. Also a simple explanation of EOS Powerup, how to use it and a link will also be on the website. Also short simple videos of a user completing transactions will be on the website. No background music or Hollywood effects in the videos, just what a new EOS user would want to see.

By doing this the new EOS user does not have to struggle through the RAM/CPU/NET learning curve and time/money does not have to be spent changing EOS to simplify it for new users.

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Sort of like this? :wink: