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Feature request- warning on Update Auth on Mobile Authenticator

I know we are supposed to read over each transaction before signing, but I feel as QR codes become more adopted (eg. NFTdrops) that people get complacent and just slide to authorize on the mobile authenticator. I noticed that the “Update Auth” is not disabled by default on the mobile authenticator (like it is on the desktop app). And with so many scams going on it might be useful to have a toggle setting on the mobile authenticator to refuse dangerous actions (like the desktop app), or at least have red box with a warning or alert that “Update Auth” will change keys. For most veteran EOSIO users this may not be so much of a problem, but I’m concerned with all the new people that start using EOSIO they might not know about the “Update Auth” function. Anyway, loving the Anchor Authenticator/Wallet - keep up the excellent work!


Completely agreed, it’s on our agenda to get these added into the mobile interfaces.

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