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Error Unknown Endpoint ()

Hi there

I am trying to use my Anchor wallet with the EFX dashboard. I am able to sign in but am unable to vote. It has worked fine many times in the past. I am a mac user with chrome and use eospowerup.io.

I have not clue what is happening.

Please help.

Huh, I honestly am not sure what’s happening here either.

Does Anchor in general work, like in the main screens? The “Unknown Endpoint” error leads me to believe that maybe the API server you set in Anchor isn’t responding properly.

One thing to try would be to go into Manage Blockchains, click the gear icon on EOS, and change the API server. If it’s not ours, you can change it to https://eos.greymass.com and see if that fixes the issue.

Thank you, that sorted it!

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