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Eric Weinstein on the What Bitcoin Did Podcast asking if decentralized communities can cooperate to do centralized things. Eden!

Here are my favorite 2 quotes from the podcast:

“I feel like the Bitcoin community is one of the best communities to take on the future. We got rich, smart, heterodox, idealistic, iconoclastic pirates. Ok! What are we doing!? What are you going to build?” - Eric Weinstein

“If you really wanted me to talk, and piss off your audience with something that I find fascinating, it’s: ‘How do you get a bunch of people who understand decentralization to do something centralized?’” - Eric Weinstein

Honestly, the podcast was painful to hear because Eric was trying to talk the big ideas and be an ally, but Pete kept bringing it back to the petty disagreements. Whatever.

My point is, the entire time I wanted to scream “EDEN!” into the podcast. If ever there were an answer to the dilemma of getting a decentralized community to do centralized cooperation, it’s Eden, Fractal Governance, and the principles of democracy explained in More Equal Animals.

I don’t think Eden is ready yet for the kind of spotlight that Eric would direct, but listening to this podcast I realized the spotlight is probably quickly approaching. Eric Weinstein isn’t the only one hungry for these kinds of answers.

What do you guys think? Is Eden on EOS ready for the spotlight? How do we get ready?