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Eostools.io proposal for Eden Funding


eostools is already a mature and powerful project, with financial support, it can easily go further.


Visit it anytime: https://eostools.io/

Most tools require membership, but Bandwidth FA Tool is free and support English: https://eostools.io/resourcefa?l=en

I know Bandwidth FA Tool is a little bit outdated now (need to be upgraded), but you can see how powerful eostools is through it.

BTW, Redeem Bandwidth Tool support English too, but it require membership, so you can see it in the pics below instead:


eostoolstech & eostoolssign


As the creator, I’ve been built a lot of powerful tools on eostools since July 2019. It helped many users, developers, and project parties to use the eos mainnet and sidechains more efficiently.

However, more and more people choose to leave EOS, so I have to stop the development of eostools.


I need 20,000 dollars to return to the development of eostools, fix problems, optimize the code, and complete English support for all tools, so that friends in the English region can finally use these powerful tools.

If possible, I also need another 20,000 USD for subsequent expansion development. I have a lot of ideas which have not been realized.

Also, eostools require membership, if I can get another 10,000 USD, I am happy to free the membership part of all the tools.

Tools list

This is a list of some of the tools available now:

EOS Batch Transfer Tool
EOS Timing Batch Transfer Tool
EOS Side-chain Batch Transfer Tool
EOS Multi-token Full Transfer Tool
EOS Asset Collection Tool
EOS Multi-account Transfer Tool
EOS Batch Contract-operation tools
EOS Multi-account Contract-operation tools
EOS Side-chain Batch Contract-operation tools
EOS Batch Stake Tool
EOS Batch Resource-purchase Tool
EOS Redeem Bandwidth Tool
EOS Bandwidth FA Tool
EOS Batch RAM-purchase tool
EOS Token RAM Release Tool
EOS Multi-account Token RAM Release Tool
EOS Token Holders Query Tool