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EOSIO Self-Sovereign Identity

Gimly is excited to announce the EOSIO identity working group (Twitter #eosio_id)! This open working group (WG) will create and foster identity solutions using EOSIO technology, by creating open W3C compliant self-sovereign identity standards, interoperability, and ecosystem development for eosio based identities.

We bring our strong experience in self-sovereign identity and EOSIO to the WG!

Please join us for the kickoff event Monday 12th April 3pm GMT / 11am EST open for all interested in identity on EOSIO!

Click to see the full announcement and join the working group.


Gimly has created a full draft of the EOSIO DID method, which we will release a week before the WG kickoff.


I love it! This is AWESOME! I played a little bit with Aries and peer DIDs in the past.

What is the current state of EOS DIDs?


Please find the EOSIO DID method specification here!

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@theblockstalk what is the best way to effectively using this with EOS in a real use case? I think defining some VC schemas and adding capabilities for EOS wallets to do the presentation would be great.

For those who still don’t get the potential and power of this technology Microsoft has written a nice paper for beginners here: https://query.prod.cms.rt.microsoft.com/cms/api/am/binary/RE2DjfY

cc @aaron for visualization (VCs on Anchor? :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Oh and for those ready to dive in, Manning has enabled the SSI Book for Free if you read in their website: Manning | Self-Sovereign Identity

Could be cool. We have the verifiable part in, we’d just need credentials.

That’s no where near the top of our current agenda though - if someone else picked the project up though it’d be interesting to potentially built it on top of the components we have currently as an additional layer.

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Small update is that the EOSIO DID resolver is nearing completion, with the help of various community members and B1 themself! With this done, VCs can be used on EOS and other eosio chains!


Just thinking of a hot topic - NFTs which is sorely missing an identity layer to ensure buyers are indeed buying NFTs created by the original author for examples. We wrote this blog about it a few weeks ago.

Also check this post about Eden: Eden Identity Data

But there are lots of use cases so get creative! It indeed would be cool to have this supported in wallets but VCs are often very context dependant so there would be quite some challenges.

If you have an idea in mind we’d be happy to help implement it with our experts in eosio and ssi.

If the EOS community could agree on an identity schema then perhaps this could work for wallet providers. @aaron what do you think?

We are open to considering it, for sure. I can’t say what sort of priority we’d put behind it since we’re still working on both onboarding and resource management, but it does seem like a useful feature to have at some point!