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EOSIO Self-Sovereign Identity

Gimly is excited to announce the EOSIO identity working group (Twitter #eosio_id)! This open working group (WG) will create and foster identity solutions using EOSIO technology, by creating open W3C compliant self-sovereign identity standards, interoperability, and ecosystem development for eosio based identities.

We bring our strong experience in self-sovereign identity and EOSIO to the WG!

Please join us for the kickoff event Monday 12th April 3pm GMT / 11am EST open for all interested in identity on EOSIO!

Click to see the full announcement and join the working group.


Gimly has created a full draft of the EOSIO DID method, which we will release a week before the WG kickoff.


I love it! This is AWESOME! I played a little bit with Aries and peer DIDs in the past.

What is the current state of EOS DIDs?


Please find the EOSIO DID method specification here!

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