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EOSIO Self-Directed Learning Cells

Beginner group level self-directed learning, students will follow instructions on https://eossupport.io with supplemental resources developed by group during class to be used as materials for training intro level students. Organizing provided by WOo WEb MArkEtIng & MUltIMedIA with hope students successfully complete training certification for EOSIO development. Classes are free based on availability.

No experience in coding is necessary. This is intended as an introductory class for youth or those interested in an exciting career change into the future of smart contracts and blockchain technology.

These classes are being offered and co-sponsored in conjunction with Andy Mack of the Conscious Youth Global Movement & NashiraCoin on UTU.ONE EOSIO sister chain, as part of Pomelo Round 2 Grant Application strategy in partnership with consultation provided by Doug Wu.

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Thank you Doug WU. This is a beautiful start

Thanks Samara!

It looks like the class filled up pretty quickly but the organizer (me) is having problems in juggling personal life situations (my mom just passed away Sunday night so now I am in funeral planning mode). So I think we may need to move the group class to Thursday night and because I had no way of doing signups with this forum, I have had people message me individually and will have to go back through the various channels telegram, discord, text etc to figure out how many people we have now but I think it’s 7 if you plan on attending which I am unclear about also. I apologize for being friendly and detailed and being behind in updating pages across a multiplicity of platforms but hey gonna just try to roll with the punches because if fractally doesn’t solve my problems I am ready to roll out my own solutions involving social media, event and information organizing, as well as business opportunities and partnerships.

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WWW’s Self-Directed EOS Learning Cell

Thursday, February 24⋅8:00 – 9:00pm CST
Friday, February 25⋅2:00 – 3:00am UTC

Doug Wu is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting

Launch Meeting - Zoom

Meeting ID: 468 372 4742 Passcode: GRS2sL2022-02-24-153105