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EOSIO Network Monitor

The EOSIO community should have as much real-time visibility into the performance of nodes and access to information on block producers as possible. This is essential for optimizing the value generated by actors on the network by keeping voters informed.

At EOS Costa Rica we decided to begin work on an open-source network monitor / dashboard for EOSIO blockchains. The main purpose of this tool is to produce objective and reliable information about activity taking place on the network.

EOS Mainnet Monitor: https://mainnet.eosio.online/
Jungle Testnet Monitor: https://jungle.eosio.online
LACChain EOSIO Dashboard: https://lacchain.eosio.online
Proton Testnet Network Monitor: https://proton-testnet.eosio.online
Telos Testnet Network Monitor: https://telos-testnet.eosio.online

EOSIO Dashboard GitHub : https://github.com/eoscostarica/eosio-dashboard

The EOSIO Dashboard is a community driven, open-source project where we welcome all community member contributions, suggestions, and ideas.

We hope you find it useful and look forward to hearing from you!


I love your Open Source attitude!

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