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EOSIO account creation tools doesn't give access to the owner account

I recently created an EOS account with EOSIO account creation and I noticed that only the active account was automatically imported into Anchor.
So if I want to use the owner account I have to import it myself, is that normal ?
Also, the private key of my owner account on the certificate is in the new format (SEC_K1_…) and I can’t find a way to convert it to the old format and import it manually to Anchor. The fact is that the new “Key converter” tool only converts from the old to the new key format… And we can only import a key using the old format…
3rd question : will .gm on the account name always be obligatory ? This tool is one we would love to recommend to our community, but having .gm at the end of the account name can discourage some people.
The tool is really awesome overall I love it great job Greymass !


Correct - the active key is the one you should use day in and day out, you shouldn’t need your owner key imported. The only reason you’d need your owner key is to modify the active key, in the event something goes wrong. Think of it as a key sitting in a glass box, “break glass in case of emergency”.

Yep, that is normal. When you recover your account using the owner key certificate, there’s an option to “Import Owner Permission” (in iOS and Android, coming soon on Desktop).

Correct, it’s because it’s encrypted using the 6 extra words you add to the sheet. That SEC_K1 key alone can’t actually be used without combining it with those 6 extra words. We have some open source libraries that can help accomplish that and we’ll be building a standalone tool to help with that in the future (if for whatever reason Anchor went away).

Currently yes. It’s what allows us to do less than 12 character names and let you pick anything. If we didn’t have that premium name suffix on the end, every user would be required to pick exactly a 12 character name - which is often a lot harder. We can look at adding more suffixes like .gm in the future though.

Also to add: if you are looking to import your account into other version of Anchor, you should just use the “Recover Account” option and use the Owner Key Certificate. This works on all versions of Anchor.

After it recognizes the certificate, it’ll give you an option to “Add a new device”. When selected this will create a brand new active key for use on that device only. Each device you add will establish a new active key (you can have more than one), meaning you can disable individual devices in the future if you wanted to!