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EosEden: The independent Twitter account for EOS and community is created!

Continuing the discussion from [Voting] Do you think EOS need an independent Twitter account?:

Now, we got a great high support rate 94.37% (67 supporters among 71 voters) of setting an independent Twitter account for EOS.

Voting result (2021/03/31)

Now, It’s time to take action!
I created:
A EOS independet Twitter account: EosEden, https://twitter.com/EosEden. Follow us!

1)Distribute useful information about EOS and the community.
2)Give support to contributers who make EOS better.
3)Get more than 1 million followers.

Who I’m I:
I’m a volunteer too, what I want to do is make EOS independent and great again, at least make EOS has a “official” Twitter account, just like@Bitcoin for BTC, @ethereum for ETH on twitter.
Of course, my time and skill are both limited, so I need more volunteers to join me to discover and sort useful information, manage telegram group etc.

To make sure “EosEden” is for EOS public chain and the community, not for an individual or a firm.

  1. I invite 1-3 community volunteers to join me to manage the Twitter account together, and set a multiple signature of “twitterofeos” EOS account. (Now,@dobuora will join in)
  2. If the new community system of EdenOS launch, and the community need, I promise here to give all controled account information back to community.

The volunteers may get some subsidy backed up by the donation account of “twitterofeos”, more detail will be discussed and publish in the future.

If you are interesting, please join in Telegram group and contact me, I’m democratic.
Telegram group: EOS Twitter manage group. If you have good news about EOS need to spread, join in.
Donation EOS account: twitterofeos. Your support is very important for us and EOS developing!

:muscle: :muscle: :muscle:Let US make EOS great again!:muscle: :muscle: :muscle:


I think your enthusiasm and underlying intent is great. But I would be cautious of jumping the gun here, and acting without mandate, especially as you are using the name of Eden in your twitter name.

It’s clear that Dan is trying to focus on governance first, which I agree is the right way to go. Why not rather let Eden form first, and then act? Let the community decide via the governance structures that emerge from this, instead of acting unilaterally.

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Yes, your worry is included in my consideration when I create “EosEden”, but these reasons encourage me to do so.

1. Why I need do it now?
Having no independent EOS official twitter confused me for more than 1 year, until this [voting] revived my mind. I learned that many people want one official EOS Twitter, but no one act, or act but not persist, or act on the wrong way. I think there are many reasons, include no financial support from the community, it require spend much time, and there is already B1’s Twitter and it’s linked from eos.io, etc.

I believe EOS is a great Blockchain project, but wasted too much time on wrong way( in my opinion), I must take action now, do something for EOS mainnet, community, contributers, something that many EOS fans think are right. So I Created this account now. Facts speak louder than words.

2. Why named EosEden?
Firstly, I wanted to name “EOS”, but you may know that it’s already a brand of evolutionofsmooth.com. Secondly, I should not name EdenOS, it’s used by Dan for community, everybody who really care about EOS should not use it now. Lastly, I was thinking what name is the best one left to me? Eden is yearned by so many people for thousands years, include me, and EOS is designed for freedom and goodliness, so I think EosEden is a great name.

Besides, when EdenOS is built, EosEden will have more connection to EOS community from the name, so it would be a great name if it become the official Twitter (decided via the governance structures) finally.

3.About "acting without mandate"
I don’t think It need anyone’s mandate to create EosEden Twitter, and who has the power to mandate someone to do this? Nobody, because EOS is a free community, not a company or an authority. Everybody do anything base on individual voluntary, no constraint, no mandate. Just like Dan proposed to create EdenOS and I issued the voting and created EosEden Twitter, if it’s supported by members, it is a good ideal and good work.

That does not mean the original intention of creating EosEden is for anybody’s individual profit, and waste such a great name, the objectives have been stated in the first topic and in the biography of EosEden. Besides, I promised to give all controlled account information back to community, if EdenOS launch and the community need.

For me, make EOS better is the most important thing. I do not have that powerful desire of control, but hate of wasting time, abusing resource, remaining stagnant, or runing on the wrong way.@dobuora know this, because we manage this Twitter togather, and inviting more people join in.


A memorandum for EosEden Twitter: 100 followers in 8 days from created day.

Invite you to follow us and provide information in Telegram group

:muscle:Let US make EOS great again together! :muscle:

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Shouldn’t be posting your comments as EdenEos as you are, it’s misleading.

I agree, this is relatively new ground let the chips fall way they may before assigning social media handlers.