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EOS Wallet Overview

IMPORTANT: If you think about to have your own wallet, be aware of the scams (people who try to trick you and steal your tokens from your EOS wallet) that exists! Check them here: https://forums.eoscommunity.org/t/list-of-known-scams-eos-accounts-involved-into-scam-and-eos-accounts-who-got-scammed

:closed_lock_with_key: Top EOS Wallet Providers :closed_lock_with_key:

The three top wallet we recommend on EOS are Anchor, Wombat and Tokenpoket

Hint: The EOS account you create is stored directly in the RAM on the EOS blockchain and not in a wallet. And because the account needs RAM, it costs money when you create it. The EOS wallets are more like authenticators to sign transactions. As long you have your private key, you can use any of the EOS Authenticators (just insert your private key in the wallet to get access to your EOS account).

Create an EOS Account:

Here is a tutorial with Anchor wallet greymass.com/en/anchor and iOS, the easiest way to create an EOS account: How to Create an EOS Account - YouTube

Or just released today 8. of October 2021, create your Account with Anchor and a credit card: create.anchor.link

eos-account-creator.com/ (crypto or credit card)
getwombat.io/ (free)
mykey.org/ (free)
dappaccount.com/ (free)
get-scatter.com/ (credit card)
How to Generate a New Key Pair in Anchor - EOS Nation | EOS Block Producer
Hint: If you create an account with the tiktok like dapp https://flair.fun/, you get an EOS account including keys for free!
Hint2: When you use an account creation service, which generates and give you private keys for free, then change your keys after you got them, to be 100% safe and make sure, only you have the keys.

Desktop Authenticators: (MacOS, Windows, Linux)
greymass.com/en/anchor (free trxs)
tokenpocket.pro/ (free trxs)

Mobile Authenticators: (iOS, Android)
getwombat.io/ (free account & trxs)
greymass.com/en/anchor (free trxs)
mykey.org/ (free account & trxs)
tokenpocket.pro/ (free trxs)

Google Chrome plugin Authenticator:
getwombat.io/ (free account & trxs)

Web Services (This web services display your account on the blockchain and functions what you can do with it. If you use them, you need to confirm with an EOS authenticator):
eosauthority.com/dashboard (free trxs)
bloks.io/wallet (free trxs)
eosx.io/tools/account (free trxs)

Device - eMail Wallet (This is an exception. Your key getting stored encrypted on your device. It has an eMail recovery if you loose your device. Just login from another device. Advantage: You don’t need to know anything about blockchain. You can send instant and free tx. You even can send tokens to your friends email instead to a public key. Its a perfect wallet for non tech people)
dappaccount.com/ (free account & trxs)


Here some graphics to better understand the EOS Wallet:

If you got stuck (no CPU), you can power up for free here: https://eospowerup.io/free

This service is sponsored by boid.com (the social superccomputer) and the EOS community. You can power up your account for free for 24 hours. It should give you 1-2 free transactions. Its free for you, but have in mind, that the EOS community is donating EOS to this contract and is paying for your transactions. To keep the service free, you can donate to the EOS account “eospowerupio”


This EOS Authenticators as well are used to interact with the EOS dapps. Here is an overview over some EOS dapps (most have their own tokens. You can get them on the decentralized exchanges):


Hey dobuora!

This is just what we need as a community.
Therefore, I appreciate your work tremendously!

Let’s reach our hands everywhere else also, so that newcomers, developers, investors and other communities will hear our roar. As we unity as one, we’ll be unstoppable force.
Let’s take matters in our hands and make EOS the best place for everyone.

In addition I’d like to add an article here about how to add EOS account on your ledger.
Take care.


The three accounts (A,B & C) could be confusing to newcomers who don’t see them as possible examples but as something required.

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Great wallet!
But unlock the private key of 0.5 EOS is much more expensive than create an account; and can’t import exiting account

Which is the best wallet to use for EOS, I downloaded the one which seemed from the platform from google play store?

I like Anchor Wallet Version 1.2.0 or higher. Download here https://greymass.com/en/anchor/. Because this wallet offers around 5-10 free transactions per day and after there is an automated resources management, which will take care of the resources. I just have to watch out, that I have some EOS liquid in my account. The wallet will calculate and offer me a transaction fee per transaction, which should be around 0.01 EOS. Like this I don’t have to power up every day :wink:

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Powerup? What is power up

“Power up” is the name of a new resource model, which is used for EOS. In short, staking to CPU is no more working. From now on, there is like in ETH, a transaction fee for each transaction someone has to pay. Ether you pay for it, or a wallet or dapp which you use, pay for it.

If you have problem with the new power up model, check here for the solutions:


Thanks for the info :+1:

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Excellent work! I am going to be sharing this with newbies. That was a great job!


We offer paid accounts here too