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EOS "unregistered" account safepal wallet

Hello. Please help me understand. About three months ago I registered an EOS account with a public (active / owner) key taken from the safepal wallet and sent coins from the exchange to this wallet several times, the transactions were successful, the balance was is visible. And not so long ago, I again sent EOS coins to my safepal wallet, but for some reason the balance stopped updating, while all transactions and the current balance are displayed correctly in the blockchain explorer. I cleared the cache but that didn’t help. Then I uninstalled the wallet app and reinstalled it with the mnemonic phrase, the balance of all my coins and tokens was restored, except for EOS. Now the status is “unregistered” again, when I click “created” I get the message “account not found”, but it worked before. What could be the problem? How can I get access to my EOS coins again?

In addition, I also want to say that I tried to restore access to the account through the anchor wallet, but the private key could not be found for my account. The key validator shows a completely different public key, not the one that was previously provided to me by safepal, on which everything worked, except for the recent lack of balance updates.

I’m not sure you’re going to find much support here for the SafePal wallet (I can’t help). Maybe try reaching out to the wallet developers themselves and see if they can provide any help?