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EOS Toolkit / Scatter Error: transaction declares authority... ...but does not have signatures for it

I hope someone can help: I’m trying to move EOS tokens from Genesis Block to an exchange. Unstaked balance on EOSAuthority and waited 3 days. Now I see almost 0 unstaked and 0 staked, but still everything in my balance. When managing selling RAM on EOStoolkit.io I’m getting an error:

Error: transaction declares authority ‘{“actor”:"(account name)",“permission”:“owner”}’, but does not have signatures for it.

Scatter version 12.1.1 on a Mac. Private key imported from ETH wallet, converted to EOSIO key and successfully moved already the small previous unstaked balance. Key import into Scatter seems to be correct.

When researching I found similar problems, but unfortunately no solution. Anyone?



Finally gave up with the EOStoolkit.com - Scatter Mac client combination. Never got it to work to sign my transactions.

Went to eosauthority.com instead and used my private key to pull all remaining coins from my wallet. The UI wallet view is better since it guides you with an orange warning flag to refund your recent unstaked coins first.

Wallet emptied and key burned. Be careful handling with your private key if you intend to leave coins in your wallet. If you enter the key on a scam site, say bye bye to your remaining coins.