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EOS to Ledger - lost coins

Hi everyone,

I bought some EOS from Binance in January 2018 and successfully transferred it to my Ledger Nano S where it sat up till now. I recently logged back in to my Ledger and tried to view my EOS coins via a fairy wallet - there are no coins shown. I’ve contacted Ledger who have advised to me to get in touch with the EOS community to see if there have been any changes to the network that could have impacted the location of my account. It wasn’t a mammoth amount but just frustrating trying to locate my coins. Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

The problem might be FairyWallet. I’d recommend instead downloading Anchor (https://greymass.com/en/anchor/download) and then:

  • Select “Setup Wallet”
  • [follow prompts to setup password, select EOS as the blockchain, etc]
  • When asked about the account, select “Import an Existing Account”
  • Select “Enable Ledger Support” and then “Load from Ledger”

It should find your account and allow you to import it into Anchor in order to be managed.

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