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EOS "rolling" Roadmap

I summarized all the Roadmaps from EOSIO fork, ENF, Eden and Pomelo.io here:

Note: The EOS consensus upgrade (hard fork) to the Mandel 3.1 release is targeted for September. May 19th was an estimate from Dan last year for Mandel 3.0. We are upgrading directly to 3.1 in September, not 3.0 in May.

Note 2: A hard fork in EOS means that all nodes (block producers) must update the code. Since the EOS network and all nodes have already reached consensus on this, the chain will NOT create a new chain with a new token. There will be NO new token. The token holders will have to do NOTHING.

updated 31. of March 2022

Picture from the https://eosn.foundation website:

    1. of March 2022

Update ENF 13. April 2022

Keep up with the news regarding the Consensus upgrade “Mandel”: https://github.com/EOS-Nation/mandel/issues/65

Read more about the Roadmap EOS Network Foundation and Working groups EOSIO+, Core+, Wallet+, API+, Audit+, EVM+, etc. here: eosn.foundation

…there are as well a lot more other roadmaps out there from Block Producers, EOS projects and EOS dApps :wink: If someone want to share another EOS related roadmap from a BP or a project, feel free to add

Here some more information about ongoing developments on EOS: https://www.reddit.com/r/eos/comments/rn2oxx/summary_of_current_ongoing_developments_forking/

And here an overview over all EOS related dapps on EOS where you can find more roadmaps for each project:

New to EOS? Start here: New to EOS? Start Here | EOS User Support Center


EOSIO 2.1.0 is not released yet. There are release candidates, but these are not ready for production use. I would expect a release this quarter (2021-Q2), but B1 doesn’t publish details of what they are doing, so just a guess on my part.


Roadmap update:

Increase Economic Alignment between EOS Participants
«Stake based voting and rewards» discussions. if accepted config, tests & implementation

Roadmap update

Details on the Eden roadmap check here: Eden Idea-Level Roadmap (notion.so)

Roadmap updated with the “Initiation and Development of the EOS Network Foundation” and adjusted the Eden date for the first official Eden election…

Integrated ENF Roadmap 2022

EOS Roadmap 2022 updated with all the newest information known until today 23. of December 2021.