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EOS "rolling" Roadmap

Since developments in EOS are constantly changing, it is very difficult to create a roadmap. That is why we have created a “rolling” roadmap for those who want to see a roadmap. Like the rolling planning, the rolling roadmap is continuously adapted if changes or new decisions occur.

Details on the Eden on EOS roadmap check here: https://www.notion.so/Eden-Idea-Level-Roadmap-0fade4c8e779438387a5c135c972b6ca

updated 20. of September 2021

Roadmap of the EOS Network Foundation:

Roadmap 2021

PR firms global launch — October
Core pillars sponsorship launches — October
Recognition grants — October / November
ENF Branding launch — November
ENF Website launch — December
Core pillars yellow paper launches — December

Roadmap 2022

Audit+ launch — Winter/Spring 2022
Wallet+ launch — Spring 2022
Docu+ launch — Spring 2022
API+ launch — Spring/Summer 2022
EVM+ launch — Summer/Fall 2022
EOSIO+ launch — TBD

updated 15. of April 2021

…there are as well a lot more other roadmaps out there from Block Producers, EOS projects and EOS dApps :wink: If someone want to share another EOS related roadmap from a BP or a project, feel free to add

Here some more information about ongoing developments on EOS: https://www.reddit.com/r/eos/comments/n8jpyc/summary_of_current_ongoing_developments_and_news/

And here an overview over all EOS related dapps on EOS where you can find more roadmaps for each project: EOS Wallet Overview - #3 by dobuora


EOSIO 2.1.0 is not released yet. There are release candidates, but these are not ready for production use. I would expect a release this quarter (2021-Q2), but B1 doesn’t publish details of what they are doing, so just a guess on my part.


Roadmap update:

Increase Economic Alignment between EOS Participants
«Stake based voting and rewards» discussions. if accepted config, tests & implementation

Roadmap update

Details on the Eden roadmap check here: Eden Idea-Level Roadmap (notion.so)

Roadmap updated with the “Initiation and Development of the EOS Network Foundation” and adjusted the Eden date for the first official Eden election…