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EOS Community Roles?


  • Create community roles for different types of users within the community.
  • Allow users to pick at most 2 or 3 of (for example) 5 or 6 different roles
  • For instance… BP developer, DAPP developer, Governance, Entrepreneur / Builder, Marketer etc.
    Not sure there’s a user flag for roles though… Maybe groups?
    Just think it might be easier going forward, knowing that you’re speaking to someone who’s primary interest is in development, vs. launching a business on EOS etc.
    Personally I’m here to launch game-changing businesses on EOS, so would pick the Entrepreneur role for sure…
    And no, I don’t think there should be a role like “just here for the easy money when EOS moonshots”… :joy:

Done! :wink:


Users can join/leave groups as they see fit, and whatever group they are in will determine what sort of title gets put next to their username!


Very cool. Let’s see if there’s uptake. I chose Entrepreneur, Governance and Investor. My C#, PHP and SQL skills are still very much 1990’s based… :grinning: so I think Developer would be a stretch for me…

Hah, yeah things have changed quite a bit since then. I was using PHP in the 90s as well, along with ColdFusion :joy:

Hopefully the roles themselves do get some adoption. We can even do specific groups for organizations (like ours, with my title showing Greymass) that are looking to get involved.

We’ve had a number of organizations express interest in moving their communities into the forums - hopefully we’ll be able to get a grasp on that soon.